Announcing the Club Penguin Indains!

Breaking News Story:

Buddy2301, CHerry3045, Rancher93, SLK99, and more have announced that “THe Club Penguin Knights” Is going to  be realsed soon.

War/ Invasion of White House

When: October 1st

Where: White House

Room: Group A. Led by Rancher93 marches onto the iceberg to capture it from ACP.

Group B led by SLK99 Will form a freedom parade 8:00 PM Club Penguin Standerd time.

Group C. Led by Major Cherry3045 will take the Ski Hil

Group D. Will stay at the town in case any more ACPain’s come to defend their server.

The most important job of the 5th Fleet of CPI is to honk the enmy’s commications.

  • We need help from Penguins who are willing to rick their life’s fighting for their freedom from the ACP, and CPC.
  • All the time soliders must be on duty 24/7.
  • Motto: “Defend you’re Fleet!”

Thanks Everyone! Look for more info. in a few weeks!